Dressed down in saffron, white, and green, flowing with the love of its natives and travelers, there is nothing quite like India. With just one touch on the rich soil, a certain sense of belonging is felt on an best India tours. While some love the rush of its snake-like lanes, where the aroma of cutting chai, and spices keep on pulling, others fall deep in the ocean of monuments. There are a few who think there is nothing better than the village life others can't survive a day without the luxuries of the modern city. There is no perfect way to relish what the nation holds in its four directions, but an India travel guide can make things easy.

When it comes to tourism, India is a country with limitless opportunities. Holiday destinations in India provide thrilling experiences for families, couples, adventure lovers, spiritual seekers and almost every traveler. Among the best places in India, there are beaches, backwaters, hills, valleys, mountain passes, desert, villages, metropolises and more. With such great options on your tour to India, you will be spoilt with choices. Think of relaxing, honeymoon, adventure, wildlife safari, enjoying ancient knowledge of yoga and Ayurveda, taste delicious food, delights of royalty and you will have a plethora of tour packages in India to choose from.

Our Popular Destinations

RajasthanThe intensity of royalty that flows down every lane of Rajasthan, is hard to find in any part of India. It is the land which has shared its crown with many a ruler, seen them rise and fall, but never seen them trading their pride. Join the turban-headed crowd and relish the stories of glory etched to its monuments.

KeralaLike verses are to poets, symphony to musicians, that's how Kerala is to the universe. From the break of dawn when you sip the fresh tea to the surpassing beauty of sunsets, the time in between slips by admiring the beauty of Kerala. Traveling around the state feels like zoning out in a paradise where you have the backwaters, wildlife, Ayurveda all to yourself.

GoaSlipping in good experiences now and then, is the small state of Goa which lives life king size. Almost every wanderer you see here is in search of something, far away from the honking city life. Lay back, and watch the day turn around, explore the Portuguese architecture, shop seashells and seal the deal by dancing the night off.

AgraKnown for its eternal relationship with an epitome of love, Agra exudes an ethereal charm. Home to Taj Mahal, a beauty in white marble, the historical city makes you enjoy time travel in history. Explore the world of architectural wonders which adorn this exceptional destination. Treat yourself with the fabled life while riding on Tonga. To sum it up, there is Fatehpur Sikri which serves as the cherry on the cake.

Himachal PradeshThe moment you settle your feet on North India's most loved destination, a certain bliss takes over. Soft as cotton snow greets you in its peak season, even the otherwise sun dressed down hilly area doesn't seem harsh to travelers coming to Himachal Pradesh. Whether you like adventure, spirituality, peaceful hideouts, or meditate in your personal time, there is only one place, Himachal.

Madhya PradeshIf you could enter a world of magic, then the very heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is just for you. It is home to ancient kingdoms, wildlife sanctuaries, UNESCO World heritage site listed temples that have erotic carvings, beautiful locales, delightful food and many other charming experiences. Take a walk down the days of the world, go wild and have a life-changing vacay!

UttarakhandUttarakhand is your VIP Pass to happy times. Playing its days away in the lap of North India, the state is often seen dipped in spirituality. Wherever you go, you will see nature celebrating your presence. While its Hindu pilgrimage sites take all the attention, you can also choose from adventure, wildlife, leisure activities, rejuvenation, and hill stations.

Maharashtra Step into a kaleidoscope as you explore Maharashtra. Bordered by the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, the massive state is home to myriad of wonders. Cerulean seas stand by misty hills, bustling 'City of Dreams' with serene villages, and adventure activities with sightseeing tours. The delightful food and each of the cherished moments spent in Maharashtra only enhance the thrill of holidays.

Tamil NaduIn the embrace of the Bay of Bengal, Tamil Nadu is a land of many wonders. It's the origin of the ancient Dravidian culture that shaped India's history as did the recent days of the British Raj. Also, it is home revered temples, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, charming beaches, lush hills, Toy Trains, tea gardens, coffee plantations, delicious gastronomy and other fond experiences.

Andaman NicobarJust another name for paradise on earth is the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The archipelago lies in the middle of the turquoise waters of Bay of Bengal. Tropical weather, breathtaking beaches, thrilling adventure sports, bliss beyond words and so much more await! Ready for the fun-filled moments with family, romantic experiences or the thrill of getting away from chaos and hustle-bustle of life?

Varanasi Hailed as one of the oldest cities in India, Varanasi evokes so many emotions and expressions at the same time. The holy destination has a forte in touching the hearts of avid travelers. Presenting a unique side of the country, the city celebrates births and deaths alike. Some say this sacred destination even leads to salvation. Heaven seems to descend on Earth during the spectacular Ganga Aarti.

Darjeeling Darjeeling is among the most beautiful hill stations in India. Nestled in the lap of the North East Himalayas, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations which attracts a large number of domestic & foreign tourists. Under the amazing bliss of Mount Kanchendzonga, the Darjeeling tour is one of the best options for vacationers.

RishikeshIncredible is the land of Rishikesh that there has never been just one reason to visit it. Saffron dressed sadhus walking around the pious Ganga, travelers donning Indian attire and the chants from the temples is just a glimpse into the life of the city. As you walk deep into its roots, you will feel an attachment to the rather rejuvenating aura.

Gujarat Visit the land of diverse culture and enjoy your vacation to collect lasting impressions, lifelong learning and spellbound memories. The famous tourist attractions of Ahmedabad, Bhuj, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Vadodara, Junagadh, etc., make the state of Gujarat distinctive and thus highly praised in the tourism Industry.

Chennai Overlooking the waves of Bay of Bengal, Chennai is a leading tourism hotspot of South India. Be it glistening city lights, rugged ruins of the past or legendary temples, Chennai is blessed with all. When it comes to art, you just lay back and let Chennai flaunt its artistry that is nothing less than immaculate.